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Cleanse and purify your digestive system with the ayurvedic mixture 'Malasudhi Curna'

Frequently asked questions

Where do the herbs used for the Malasudhi-Curna mixture come from?

The herbs used are supplied by a Swiss pharmaceutical company, which is specialized in medicinal herbs. Most of these herbs come from the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Are there any certificates or quality standards for the herbs used in the Malasudhi-Curna mixture?

The herbs are used in conformity with the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) respectively German Pharmacopoeia (HAB) and there is an analysis certificate for each plant, as posted HERE as an example for anise. Bio quality is not yet available for all variations, but it is one of our targets for the next production (status: March 2010).

Can people who suffer from an allergy take the Malasudhi-Curna mixture without hesitation?

Our product is practically free of allergenes and our declarations are frank and clear.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order comfortably with our shopping system, either by e-mail (info (at), by post or by telephone (+49 7808 506 227).

How about the freight and transport charges?

For deliveries within Germany and Austria, we charge a flat rate of EUR 3.90.

Deliveries with a minimum value of EUR 100.00 are free of charge. Additional COD charges remain unaffected hereby.

For deliveries outside Germany, you are requested to contact us directly.

How fast are goods delivered?

Deliveries are made according to the ordering and payment conditions specified in the applicable version. The goods are delivered within 2 days after placing your order. If you choose the payment modality “cash in advance”, the goods will be dispatched within the above period after receipt of your payment on our account

How can I pay for it?

To be able to choose the different payment modalities, you must click on the button "to the till" after filling up your shopping cart.

Then you will be required to register yourself or to log yourself into an existing user account. Once the transport details are shown, you can choose between the different payment modalities:

    * cash in advance (order value minus cash in advance discount of 2%)
    * on account (available from the second order)
    * PayPal
    * instant money transfer
    * payment by credit card
    * collection against cash payment (free of transport charges)

How are goods delivered?

Normally, the goods ordered are delivered at once in an insured parcel. If, due to their size, etc. certain products need to be packed or dispatched separately, they may also be delivered in parts. In this case, however, you won’t be charged any additional transport or packing fees!

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