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Cleanse and purify your digestive system with the ayurvedic mixture 'Malasudhi Curna'

AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning – the gentle colon cleaning for home use

should be done on an empty stomach, preferably on a weekend. It will take you about two or three hours. Then you should take a rest and avoid excessive physical strain.

Pour the contents of one sachet of AyurVedic-Colon-Clean mixture into 5 litres of hot water and bring it to boil. Let it draw for 5 minutes and pass it through a filter. Let the liquid cool down to the temperature of a tepid soup and try to keep the temperature constant. As the liquid passes through your colon, you will soon feel either hot or cold, depending on the temperature of the liquid.

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Drink one glass (approx. ¼ litre) of infusion.
  2. Then carry out the exercises described.
  3. Drink immediately another large glass of infusion and repeat the exercises straight away. Repeat this procedure, namely the consumption of ¼ litre of liquid followed by 4 exercises, six times. At this stage, you will have conducted six glasses of liquid into your intestines.

Now the moment has come for the first bowel movement. Normally, a spontaneous evacuation of your intestines will follow. If the spontaneous evacuation does not occur within 5 minutes, repeat the exercises – and only the exercises! – once or twice without drinking any more of the liquid. If still no evacuation occurs, you should help yourself with a glycerine suppository or enema equipment. Once the first evacuation has taken place, the others will follow automatically.

Once the first bowel movement has occurred, drink another glass of infusion, repeat the exercises and go instantly back to the toilet. The first bowel movements are followed by more gentle and increasingly more flowing movements. Repeat this procedure – drinking, exercises, toilet – until you feel that the infusion comes out as clean as you took it in. Until this moment, you will have taken in between 10 and 16 glasses of infusion, depending on the state of your intestines. In very rare cases, it can also be more.

Advice: Apply some cream around the anal area after each evacuation to avoid any feeling of burning. 

The AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning is completed the moment the evacuated infusion is clear enough. You can throw the remaining liquid away. After completion, you will have to go to the toilet more often for about an hour.

So you better stay at home and take a rest. If you feel slightly nauseous after
4 glasses of infusion, this means that your sphincters have not opened up. Your nausea should pass if you repeat the exercises two or three times, without drinking.  
If your nausea passes, then your sphincters have opened up and the cleaning process can begin. Once you had your first bowel movement, the whole procedure will pass off automatically. Beforehand, some of you may get difficulties with flatulence. If this is the case, you can press your stomach with both hands and give it a gentle massage.

If, in very rare cases, it should happen that the liquid does not leave the stomach despite all these efforts, stop the procedure and do not drink more than six glasses by any means. Then the liquid taken will be normally digested like a soup and excreted through your kidneys.

Your first meal after the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning

No earlier than 30 minutes and no later than 60 minutes after the cleaning, you should take your first meal. This is very important. It is best to set an alarm clock because the digestive tube must not remain empty for more than 1 hour. For the following 24 hours, you should only eat white rice - caution: no wholegrain rice!. Add at least 40 g of butter or melted butter (no margarine) to the first serving of rice. The rice should be boiled in water, adding only little salt.

After completing this cleaning process, you will feel very thirsty. Then drink a little water or a light infusion with your first meal. If you drink before your first meal, your colon will continue to evacuate and you will have to go to the toilet even more often.

What you should not drink or eat for the following 24 hours by any means:

alcohol, milk or dairy products, sour food, raw fruits or vegetables. Continue eating rice to be on the safe side. The first bowel movement after the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning will not take place no earlier than 24 to 36 hours later. It will be a golden-yellow colour and have no odour, similar to that of a baby. Then you can start with your diet or change of food.

Rhythm in which to apply the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning

For a proper cleaning of your colon, you should do the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning at least three times in succession at intervals of a week. Then you should keep your colon clean and healthy by doing the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning four to eight times a year, preferably at the change of seasons. In case of need, you can also apply the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning in between times. If you are ill and intend to initiate or support some healing process, you can use the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning for treatment in consultation with the doctor in attendance or non-medical practitioner. In this case, you should apply the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning once a week over several weeks.

It is recommended to combine the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning with colon cleansing, in the course of which healthy E. coli are established. It is very important to change your food at the same time to avoid the formation of too many new waste products. The time after completion of the AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning is the perfect moment for it.

When is colon cleaning not recommended?

Please note that the Malasudhi-Curna mixture contains sea salt.

Colon cleaning is not recommended to people suffering from weakness, such as convalescents after a serious disease. You better wait for a few weeks before doing the cleaning. The AyurVedic-Colon-Cleaning is also not recommended to elder people who are infirm and unsteady on their legs.

After the first cleaning, a lot of people feel as if they were charged with new energy. They feel bright and lively, particularly during the week following the cleaning. Age marks often disappear and other deposits from the connective tissue are evacuated. The skin may get smoother and the eyes brighter. Other people may not feel very well after the first cleaning. At times, it takes three cleanings before the cleaning process goes off smoothly. Now your skin is getting clear, your mind awake and a new dynamism is emerging.

It is advisable to take a rest after each colon cleaning – avoid physical strain. A temporary headache may occur which can be due to the excretion of waste products and toxins. Normally, there will be no troubles. If nevertheless you should have a serious headache, please consult a doctor. The Malasudhi-Curna mixture consists of sea salt and an AyurVedic vegetable and herb mixture.

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