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Cleanse and purify your digestive system with the ayurvedic mixture 'Malasudhi Curna'


Gentle colon cleaning with Ayurvedic-Colon-Cleaning

By Nicole Eschmann, non-medical practitioner

When doing a gentle colon cleaning with ACC, the whole digestive tract gets involved and not only a part of the colon, as it is the case, for example, with an enema. When using the Ayurvedic-Colon-Cleaning method, no liquid is supplied through the anus and no laxatives are contained in the mixture used for the infusion. As you can see: this method is really remarkable!

The Ayurvedic-Colon-Cleaning is done by taking a special infusion in combination with four simple Yoga exercises. Everything can be done comfortably at home within no more than about two to three hours.

The foundations of your vitality

If you decide to clean your colon, you do something for yourself: You will help your body with regard to its vitality and lightness. You will use the most natural method in the world: cleaning yourself. When you wash your body, you actually do the same thing as when you clean your colon.

The only difference lies in the way you proceed. You won’t use any aggressive substances because the mucous membrane of the rectal tube is extremely sensitive and can take up more substances than the body’s skin, conducting them to the inside of the body and getting in contact with them.

Intestinal walls can be soiled, stuck and covered with coatings of hardened mucus, for example when old excrements are left in the lateral bulges of the colon and have been deposited there for years or even decades, as it may be the case for a lot of people to a different extent.

Finally, let us speak about another important point: When you do a colon cleaning, it is very likely that you also initiate an extensive cleaning of your emotional life and thinking patterns. Better health and mental growth through inner and outer cleanness – this is the motto of the Ayurvedic-Colon-Cleaning method.

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