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Cleanse and purify your digestive system with the ayurvedic mixture 'Malasudhi Curna'

Dear reader,

Do you wish for better health, more joy and dynamism in your daily life?

One way to improve your health is to do a colon cleaning.

There are many methods of colon cleaning. But one that can be applied at home, simply and gently, within no more than 2 or 3 hours?
Yes, there is one – welcome to Ayurvedic-Colon-Cleaning!

The Ayurvedic method of colon cleaning, which has proved to be successful for thousands of years, can be applied at home in your intimate surroundings.

The Indian Colon Clean powder is a purely vegetable herb mixture made in Germany out of fresh high-quality ingredients, using aromatic and naturally non allergenic herbs, without flavour enhancers or artificial substances. Our declarations are frank and clear: all substances contained therein are indicated on the sachet, including allergy information.

The Ayurvedic-Colon-Cleaning does not contain any laxative agents and is prepared like a vegetable soup. Along with four simple movements, colon cleaning is done easily and comfortably within no more than 2 or 3 hours.

Your order, which you will normally receive within 2 days, will be accompanied by detailed and illustrated instructions for your treatment.

The impressing results which can be achieved with this easy method induced Professor Dr. Devanando O. Weise and Mrs Nicole Eschmann, non-medical practitioner, to write a book (in german language) about “Gentle colon cleaning for home use”. A recommendable book which gives detailed information on the connection between healthy food and clean intestines.

Changing seasons of the year: ideal moments to do something for your body and yourself: Nothing easier than this – order your personal colon cleaning treatment today and use it with pleasure. Think positive and enjoy all the beautiful things that life has in store for you.

The gentle colon cleaning method for your well-being: a sound mind in a sound body.

Please keep fit and take care of yourself!

Best regards,

Martin Böllinger

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